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The RHR Equestrian Society (RHRES) is a registered non-profit Society in Nova Scotia, Canada. The ranch is located on six acres at the border between the communities of Beaver Bank and Mount Uniacke.


The board of directors for RHR Equestrian Association is comprised of volunteers, each committed to sustaining and advancing the programs, events and fundraising efforts made by and on behalf of Rocky Hollow Ranch Nova Scotia (RHRNS). Many more volunteers and supporters of all ages, beyond the Board, make RHRNS possible.

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Officer and Directors, 2019-2020

At the 2019 Annual General Meeting held in April, the following Officers, Directors and Members at Large were registered for the 2019-2020 year.

President Director Wendy Bickerdike
Vice President Director Marylyn Andrews
Treasurer Director Deanna Delaney
Secretary Sarah Andrews
Director Nathalie Bonang
Director Jennifer Doherty

Members at Large Sheryl Dubois, Krista MacGillivary, Melina Parkes, Tracy Parrott.

Officers and Directors, 2018-2019

President Director Wendy Bickerdike
Vice President Director Marylyn Andrews
Secretary/treasurer Sarah Andrews
Director Nathalie Bonang
Director Jennifer Doherty

Members at Large Deanna Delaney, Sheryl Dubois, Melina Parkes, Tracy Parrott

In Memory

*Founding Director, the late Joan Evans, passed away suddenly in the Spring of 2019. Her presence, laughter and good advice are dearly missed by her family and friends. She is missed every minute at Rocky Hollow Ranch. RIP


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Mission, Beliefs, Goals

From the desk of Marylyn Andrews.

The RHR Equestrian Association supports equestrian students at RHR. Special attention and support is provided to students functioning at various levels of physical, cognitive and social-emotional ability.

The association purchases adapted and specialized equipment, and funds improvements and enhancements to the facility and surroundings. 

Rocky Hollow Ranch is a community-based, holistic-thinking organization that supports individuals in the community by providing opportunities for experiences and programming that promote physical, social and emotional well-being. 

The programs at Rocky Hollow Ranch provide opportunities for personal growth. At Rocky Hollow Ranch students:

  • build friendships
  • have fun
  • experience the best of community
  • learn, respect and practice ranch health and safety, for themselves and others
  • learn to be more accountable for their responsibilities and community
  • learn to be more respectful, compassionate and helpful to people, horses and other ranch animals
  • feel accomplished
  • feel like they belong
  • feel healthy and strong
  • feel safe.

For more information, contact us. – Marylyn

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