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  1. Overview
  2. Program Details – schedule, fees and cancellations
  3. Riding Attire Requirements
  4. Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation Membership

1. Overview

Our Supported Members Ranch Program (SMRP) is for individuals who have special needs and require additional assistance and support at the Ranch. We will do everything we can to accomodate chidlren and adults living with physical, emotional and/or intellectual challenges.

Please note that while we do our best, participants must be able to mount the horse without too much support.

Riders enjoy meeting the many occupants of the ranch including chickens, goats, donkeys and, of course, horses – many of them rescued.

The heart of the program is the equestrian experience. All visits are individualized and may include any combination of the following activities:

  • stable/barn maintenance (as appropriate)
  • grooming/brushing horse
  • tacking and untacking horse
  • walking, riding (not in all cases) and cooling off the horse, where possible.

Riding time varies depending on the individual and their responses. Please note each person responds differently and some people may take longer than others to get to the riding-ready stage; riding is not guaranteed.

*To participate in any program or activities at the ranch members must have a Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation membership. Please scroll down for more.

2. Program Details

  • The Supported Members Ranch Program at Rocky Hollow Ranch runs weekly for 12 consecutive weeks.
  • Weekly visits vary in time depending on the individual. The ranch offers a very flexible schedule and can usually accommodate interested parties.
  • Rocky Hollow offers this program starting at $50 per individual per visit, depending on the client’s needs.
  • Payment is due on the first of every month for the entire month (either four or five payments depending on the Month).
  • In the event of a cancellation due to inclement weather or conditions, visits will be rescheduled by RHR for a specified date/time.
  • The cancellation policy requires members to provide four full weeks of notice to cancel. Refunds cannot be provided for missed visits.
  • The cancellation policy requires members to provide four full weeks of notice to cancel. Refunds cannot be provided for missed visits.
  • Waivers must be completed and signed before service begins.
  • Payments are accepted by cash, money order or e-transfer to Credit card payment is also accepted however requires an added fee equalling 5% of the total amount.
  • Fees for programs can change without notice.
  • We welcome all coupons on weekdays.

3. Riding Attire/Apparel Requirements

We require individuals to wear the following:

  • Fitted equestrian or high impact safety approved helmet with chin strap
  • Hard-soled boots with heel
  • Long, well-fitted pants (soft stretchable pants or jeans if possible)
  • Gloves (recommended, but not required)
  • No shorts, no sandals.

Please wear weather/seasonal appropriate attire for every visit.

For reasons of safety, all individuals must be adequately attired to participate in activities at the ranch.

If you are not sure of something, please just ask! Call Marylyn Andrews at 902-869-5285 or send us an email. Thank you.

4. NSEF Membership

Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation logo

A Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation (NSEF) membership is available to individuals and families.

NSEF Membership is required for all members participating in riding lessons and/or the assited riding program at Rocky Hollow Ranch Nova Scotia.

Proof of NSEF membership can be provided either in print, by text or email to
For information on how to apply for NSEF membership, please go to:

Something we haven’t mentioned? Ask us anything!

For more details, please use the form below, call Marylyn Andrews at 902-869-5285 or send us an email. Thank you for your visit today.

Last Edited: May 23, 2021

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