Riding Lessons

Our riding lesson program is for individuals 6 years of age and older.

Our lessons are typically offered in a group format.

We explore various styles and forms of riding including Western, endurance, trail riding, and games.

Our riding lessons offer a therapeutic component/option for those who live with anxiety, depression, learning disabilities and/or social difficulties.

All lessons include

Each lesson includes time caring for the horses – an integral part of ranch life. Riders can expect to participante in

  • stable/barn maintenance
  • grooming/brushing the horse
  • tacking and untacking the horse
  • walking, riding and cooling off the horse.

Riding attire

For the safety of the rider and horse, every rider must wear the correct attire including:

  • fitted equestrian or high impact safety-approved helmet with chin strap
  • hard-soled boots with heel
  • long, well-fitted pants (soft stretchable pants or jeans if possible)
  • gloves (recommended, but not required)
  • please do not wear: jogging pants, shorts, sandals
  • please dress for the weather.


  1. Riders must become members of, and take out insurance with, Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation. membership. The cost is approximately $50 per year per rider. Please visit www.horsenovascotia.ca/Membership-Types. Once membership and insurance are acquired, please email to rockyhollow2017@gmail.com, or bring documents Rocky Hollow Ranch.
  2. Riders must book and attend an Introductory Visit.
  3. For safety to the animals and other riders, riders must ride exclusively Rocky Hollow Ranch.

Price for riding lessons

The cost per lesson is $45.00 with a minimum 4 visits per month. Payment is required one month
in advance. For more about payments and cancellation policy go to Frequently Asked Questions.

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