Saturday 1/2 day Camp

SATURDAY CAMP is offered to individuals 5-16 years old.

Participants get to spend a few hours outdoors at the ranch, learn about barns, visit with the animals and socialize with others.

Start time is 9am and ends at noon.

What to expect

On any given Saturday, campers can expect some or all of the following:

  • outdoor activities e.g. games, hikes, bonfires, and hanging with the barn animals
  • stable/barn chores
  • grooming/brushing horses
  • tacking and untacking horses
  • walking, riding and cooling off horses
  • crafts, games and baking when weather prevents outdoor activity
  • lots of laughs, jokes, fun and pure happiness.

What to bring

Participants need to bring a good lunch and something to drink. Please dress for the weather!

What NOT to bring

There is no tech allowed. This means not even in the lunch bag. A cell phone is available if participants need to call home.


Please contact us about fees. Thank you!


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