Saturday Camp

SATURDAY CAMP is offered to individuals 7-16 years old.

Participants get to spend a few hours outdoors at the ranch, learn about barns, visit with the animals and socialize with others.

Start time is 10am and ends at 1 pm.

What to expect

On any given Saturday, campers can expect some or all of the following:

  • outdoor activities e.g. games, hikes, bonfires, and hanging with the barn animals
  • stable/barn chores
  • grooming/brushing horses
  • tacking and untacking horses
  • walking, riding and cooling off horses
  • crafts, games and baking when weather prevents outdoor activity
  • lots of laughs, jokes, fun and pure happiness.

What to bring

Participants need to bring a good lunch and something to drink. Please dress for the weather!

What NOT to bring

There is no tech allowed. This means not even in the lunch bag. A cell phone is available if participants need to call home.


Cost is $65.00 per day. There are NO make up days for this program.


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