3-Winner Wine Survivor

This prize could set you up for a year – and for just $25.

Wine Survivor Live Ad for RHRNS 2018

Purchase Tickets

To purchase a ticket contact Sarah Andrews sarahandrews876@gmail.com.


For a full set of rules visit our Facebook page. In short:

First and foremost all participants must be 19 years of age or older. Each ticket is $25.

Purchase a ticket in person or etransfer $25.00 to sarahandrews876@gmail.com, please set password as “survivor”.

$15.00 of your ticket goes to an NSLC gift card and $10.00 goes directly to Rocky Hollow Ranch Equestrian Society. Once the ticket fee is received you will be added to a private Facebook event group (FB/wine survivor fundraiser).

You can purchase immunity at the time of entry for $5.00 (per 1 immunity) or you will have 24 hrs from the time your name is drawn to pay the 5.00 in person or to the email provided.

Remember: Immunity purchases are only available the first 24 hours after the draws.

Eliminations will be announced live on the FB Event group – go to the group page at 8:05 p.m. on July 1 for the first live draw. Remember, to survive you must check the page to view your status.

All entries must be received by midnight on June 30, 2018

Draw Dates

All the DRAWS will be live streamed in the fb event group at 8:05 pm starting July 1st.
The exact draw dates are as follows, all at 8 p.m. You will have 24 hours to check the group page to check your status.

  1. Sunday, July 1st 2018
  2. July 3rd 2018
  3. July 5th 2018 (last round to use immunities)
  4. July 7th 2018 with the winners announced.

Since there will only be 4 rounds before announcing the winners your unused immunities (if any) are void after the 3rd round.

We will draw 1/3 of the names in each round. They will be at risk of elimination. For $5 you can choose to go back in the pool.

In The 4th and final round we will draw names one-by-one until we have 3 names left. Then the 1st name drawn will be our third place winner. The 2nd name drawn will be our 2nd place winner and the very last name drawn will be the ultimate survivor winning the 1st place prize.


The prizes are as follows:

1st place — NSLC gift care for 50% of the winnings
2nd place— NSLC gift care for 30% of the winnings
3rd place — NSLC gift care for 20% of the winnings

The winnings will be dependent on the number of participants but it’s shaping up to be BIG so don’t miss out! Think of the stocked bar you could enjoy throughout the summer or year, or use the bottles as gifts — all while supporting an amazing organization.

Buy your ticket now. Click HERE and type in “I want to buy a ticket.” We’ll get back to you pronto.

So go ahead and invite your spirit-loving friends to join our Three-Winner Wine Survivor! The more people participating, the more bottles that will be up for grabs.

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Gift Card Tree Raffle 2018

$500Gift CardTree (1)

A fantastic assortment of gift cards equaling $500 in local food, goods, services and attractions – all donated by select businesses in and around Beaver Bank, Lower Sackville and Bedford, Nova Scotia. Scroll down to view entire prize!

Raffle draw date: Sunday, July 8, 2018.

Thank you to each of our sponsors for making this fundraiser possible! Please scroll down for ticket information.

Check out the great gift cards below that one lucky winner will win. Will it be you? We hope so. Good luck!

Dairy Queen Lower Sackville $30.00

Dooleys Lower Sackville $140.00

Freemans Little New York Lower Sackville $100.00

Hellas Restaurant Lower Sackville $10.00

Win$500 inGift CardsJoe Fresh Porters Lake $25.00

Oaklawn Farm Zoo Aylesford $25.00

PC Bedford $10.00

Pizza Town Lower Sackville $15.00

Randy’s Pizza Lower Sackville $31.00

Same Day Dry Cleaning Lower Sackville $25.00

Speedy Auto Service Lower Sackville $69.99

True North Diner Bedford $25.00

We could not be more grateful for our sponsors. Please think of them the next time you are in the market for any of their particular specialties! Thank you for your time today.

Gift Card Tree.jpg

Want tickets? Contact us! 12 for $20 (or $2 each).


Thank you to Fader’s Bottle Exchange

Fader’s Bottle Exchange 15 Sackville Cross Rd, Lower Sackville 1-844-344-9292.

Donate your bottles to Rocky Hollow Ranch Nova Scotia by dropping them at Fader’s just off Sackville drive.

Just mention to the attendent you want the money from bottles to go to Rocky Hollow Ranch. Fader’s is a depot for bottles and other recyclables (see here).

Ten horses live at the Ranch, nine of them rescued. The donation of your bottles goes to the care of these horses. Recycle your bottles at Fader’s in Lower Sackville and help us help them. We are grateful for every bit! Thank you to YOU, and to Fader’s!

Scroll down for map.

Ad for bottle drive with address portrait